Global Creatively Dynamic Solutions Require Global Expertise  

Our Areas of Global Expertise
¤ Efficient & Compliant Global Supply Chain Development
¤ New Generation Global Supply Chain Management with Horizontally Cost Efficiency and Total Vertical Operational Control 
¤ Social License To Operate
¤Community Social Risk Crisis Intervention
SocioEconomic Mining & Resource Development

¤ Real Time Slope Stability Monitoring Solutions
¤ Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Training
¤ Artisanal & Small Miners(ASM) Engagements
¤ Labor Unrest & Crisis Intervention
¤ Resource Certification
¤ Good Governance Capacity Building

¤ Company Training Programs
¤ Business Profitability Development
¤ Business Cultural Bridge Building for FDI projects in Resource Rich Developing Countries
¤ Creatively Dynamic Operational Structures
¤ Global Operational Compliance &  Forensic Analysis including FCPA & OFAC
¤ Africa Operations Location Evaluation, Planning, Operations and Security
¤ Creatively Dynamic Leadership Training & Professional Development
¤ Executive Coaching For Success During High Stress Corporate Upheaval & Change 
¤  Staff and Employment Training 
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