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Socio-Economic Resource Development Model (SERD)
A new, practical Foreign Direct Investment model that improves livelihoods for people and increases profitability for resource development companies in conflict-affected and high-risk resource rich developing countries especially in Africa.  SERD Internal Link

The Green Program "Conflict Minerals" Certification and Sourcing.
Our industrial minerals and 3T&G "conflict minerals" sourcing and certification is cost-efficient, transparent, scientifically based compliance that exceeds the 10 Core Value Principles of the UN Global Compact, OECD Minerals Supply Chain Due Diligence Guidelines, US Dodd-Frank 1502 & 1503 Legislation, OFAC, FCPA, US SEC Rules and EU Directives.
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"Costs of Company-Community Conflict in the Extractive Sector"
by Rachel Davis and Daniel Franks
"Over the past decade, high mineral and energy commodity prices have driven expansion of the extractive sector. Mineral and energy developments profoundly transform environments, communities and economies – and can often generate social conflict. This study seeks to answer the question: if the costs of conflict experienced by companies in the extractive industry were better understood, would relationships between companies and local communities receive greater priority and attention? Through in-depth interviews and empirical case analysis, the study explores the value at stake when companies in the extractive sector experience conflict with local communities."

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The new Socioeconomic Resource Development Model changes the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) dynamic to increase profitability while improving the socioeconomic benefit to the local populations in measurable way.  Several creatively dynamic solutions that form the foundation of our approach. These are not "magic silver bullets" to end poverty in Africa, just thought leadership ideas of some of the many paths to approach resource development in Africa as if people matter as much as profitability.

White Paper describing a framework for resource development in North Kivu of the Democratic of the Congo (2009)

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FDI planning and operations are not usually concerned with expenditures since it appears to take less Executive time to just purchase fuel to run the power needs of the operation.  There is a divide between the mining exploratory and operations and the local communities that can fester and cause production delays.  While all locations have unique operating environments prior planning in locations like the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo there are shared goals of the business and local communities in the production and distribution of electrical power.  It is possible for resource development investments to generate 25% to 40% of their energy needs from locally produced renewable energy sources that can also benefit the local communities. In the east of the DRC it is possible in the remote, off-grid mining areas to establish economical, bio-power electricity, improve the interior health of at-risk children & women and stop deforestation.
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